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Journal: Artificial & Computational intelligence (ISSN:2582-516X) | Journal : Machine Learning Techniques & Applications (Coming soon)
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Artificial & Computational Intelligence

(An International Journal)


Editor In-Chief

Dr. Sanjeev Sharma

RGPV, Bhopal, M.P., India


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About Journal

Artificial & Computational Intelligence is high quality peer-reviewed journal, where every article will be peer-reviewed by several experts in the field. Upon acceptance, articles will be published in the latest open volume.

The journal aims to be a global forum of, for, and by the community and offers:

  • Rapid peer review under the expert guidance of a global Editorial Board.
  • No color or page charges, free submission, and is free to access for the first one year of publication
  • High visibility
  • Opportunities to Societies/Conferences/Institutes/Laboratories/Corporate to ‘partner’ with the Journal and enjoy the benefit of planning and publishing issues in hot areas of research, without being under the pressure of publishing a full-fledge journal.
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Artificial Computational
Research Society

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  Artificial & Computational Intelligence welcomes research and review papers related to Artifial and Computational Intelligence, but not limited to the areas of:
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Computational Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Data Science
  • Fuzzy logic
  • Neural Network
  • Expert System
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Intrusion Detection
For a complete list of topics, please visit: Aims & Scopes  
Latest Articles (Volume-1 Issue-V)
  Scientific Mapping of Recent Research Trends on Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19): A Classical Bibliometric Analysis DOWNLOAD NOW  
  Prabhat Kumar, S Suresh  
  A Comparison Analysis of Twitter based Support Vector Machine and Bayes Comment Classification Algorithms DOWNLOAD NOW  
  Usman Bukar Usman, Muhammad Abubakar, Usman Bala, Aminu tukur, Anass Aliyu Usman and Abubakar Usman Abubakar  
  Sleep-Wake Sleep Stages Classification using Machine Learning Techniques based on Single-channel of EEG Signal DOWNLOAD NOW  
  Santosh Kumar Satapathy, Dr.D.Loganathan  
  Survey on Machine Learning Components and Algorithms DOWNLOAD NOW  
  Kiran Likhar, Hemlata Kosare, Pranali Manapure  
  Space observation on detoxing the unhealthy air quality during COVID-19 pandemic in India DOWNLOAD NOW  
  Prabhat Kumar, Rohit Kumar Kasera, S Suresh  
  A Robust Image Cryptographic Techniques: A Survey DOWNLOAD NOW  
  Rashmi Rajput, Manish Gupta, Pankaj Sharma  
  The classical supervised machine learning-based approaches for predicting the COVID-19 infection: an exploratory analysis on classification performance DOWNLOAD NOW  
  Prabhat Kumar, S Suresh  
  Review on Impact of Installing the Solar Tracking System Its Challenges and Types DOWNLOAD NOW  
  Muhammad Baballe Ahmad, Abubakar Sadiq Muhammad, Habibu Aminu Hussain, Aliyu Hassan Muhammad, and Aliyu Musa Sani  

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