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Journal: Artificial & Computational intelligence (ISSN:2582-516X) | Journal : Machine Learning Techniques & Applications (Coming soon)
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Artificial & Computational Intelligence

(An International Journal)


Editor In-Chief

Dr. Sanjeev Sharma

RGPV, Bhopal, M.P., India


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About Journal

Artificial & Computational Intelligence is high quality peer-reviewed journal, where every article will be peer-reviewed by several experts in the field. Upon acceptance, articles will be published in the latest open volume.

The journal aims to be a global forum of, for, and by the community and offers:

  • Rapid peer review under the expert guidance of a global Editorial Board.
  • No color or page charges, free submission, and is free to access for the first one year of publication
  • High visibility
  • Opportunities to Societies/Conferences/Institutes/Laboratories/Corporate to ‘partner’ with the Journal and enjoy the benefit of planning and publishing issues in hot areas of research, without being under the pressure of publishing a full-fledge journal.
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Artificial Computational
Research Society

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  Artificial & Computational Intelligence welcomes research and review papers related to Artifial and Computational Intelligence, but not limited to the areas of:
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Computational Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Data Science
  • Fuzzy logic
  • Neural Network
  • Expert System
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Intrusion Detection
For a complete list of topics, please visit: Aims & Scopes  
Latest Articles (Volume-1 Issue-III)
  A novel Random Forest Implementation of Sentiment Analysis DOWNLOAD NOW  
  Arnav Munshi, Sanchit Sapra, M.Arvindhan  
  Product Purity Analytic Tool Using Image Detection and Processing DOWNLOAD NOW  
  Vartika Singh, Ekank Rana  
  Credit Card Fraud Detection System Using Data Mining DOWNLOAD NOW  
  T Archana Das,Komal C Lagade,Minakshi P Girase, Ramesh Patole  
  ECLASSROOM - An application for Sharing data and information between staff and student DOWNLOAD NOW  
  Location Based Optimized Food Delivery System DOWNLOAD NOW  
  Balakannan S.P, Devadharshini S, Harini J.G, Padmavathi P, Karthiga Sundari E  
  Development of IoT based Smart System for Safety & Security of Driver and Vehicle DOWNLOAD NOW  
  Prarthana Roy, Shubham Kumar Jain, Amit Chaurasia, Ashwani Kumar Yadav  
  Sign Language Translator and Gesture Recognition DOWNLOAD NOW  
  Ashish Kumar Sah, A. Arul Prakash  
  Image Based Face Detection Using Opencv Python: Authentication System DOWNLOAD NOW  
  Shubham Jain, Garima Pandey  
  Detecting COVID-19 in X-ray images with Keras, Tensor Flow, and Deep Learning DOWNLOAD NOW  
  Pranali Manapure*, Narendra Chaudhari, Kiran Likhar  
  Speed Control of DC Motor using FOPID Controller based on Ant Colony Optimization DOWNLOAD NOW  
  Jatin Yadav, Prashant Kumar, Neeraj Gupta, Manjeet Kaur  
  A Review on Medical Image Fusion DOWNLOAD NOW  
  Sanjay Patsariya, Manish Dixit  
  Face Recognition DOWNLOAD NOW  
  Aishwarya Mathur, Samson Ebenezer  
  Question Duplication using Deep Learning DOWNLOAD NOW  
  Anudeep Atyam, T.Suvarna Kumari, Hephzibah Saidu  
  A Study on Android Malware Detection System using Static Analysis DOWNLOAD NOW  
  E-Learning via Cloud Computing DOWNLOAD NOW  
  Nikhil Ranjan, Rajesh Kumar Dhanraj  
  Smart Surveillance System DOWNLOAD NOW  
  Maragatharajan M, Aakash R, Aniruth K, KathiravanM, Vignesh S  
  Smart Voice Based Virtual Personal Assistants with Artificial Intelligence DOWNLOAD NOW  
  Ankit Pandey, Vaibhav Vashist, Prateek Tiwari, Sunil Sikka,Priyanka Makkar  
  Amalgamation of WSN & AI for Detection of Soft Faults DOWNLOAD NOW  
  Mohammed Bakhtawar Ahmed, Dr. Asha Ambhaikar  
  Approach of Image Processing in Diagnosis and Medication of Fungal Infections in Pet Animals DOWNLOAD NOW  
  Sourabh Aggarwal, Shriyansh Sharma, Yashwant Kumar Singh, Aarti Chugh, Priyanka Makkar  
  Crop Surveillance using Drone DOWNLOAD NOW  
  Gajendra Muley, Jijabhau Ambhure, Rohit Bhoyar, Aarsh Patil, Simran khiani  
  Neurodegenerative Disorders: Mobile and health-care support technologies for patients DOWNLOAD NOW  
  Jinu Sara Rajan, Deepika N S  

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